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February 24, 2018

Muhanna Photo

Creative photographer Mohammed Al-Muhanna is a professional photographer from Al-Ahsa (Saudi Arabia), who has been on his photography journey since he was in high school. He chose a different angle in photography, specializing in the photography of different foods, products, and food items for restaurants.

- Challenges & Goals

Followeyes improved Al-muhanna Photo website’s overall experience by redesigning the website from scratch.

  • - Digital Strategy

    Followeyes Start by addressing the client’s audience in its regional area and structured a winning strategy for the client to expand the customer experience standpoint. We developed a unified easy to use and beautiful platform. Furthermore, Followeyes heightened the customer’s experience with the Almuhanna-photo website and PWA-app across multiple channels, allowing customers to seamlessly browse and interact with the brand, both offline and online.

  • - Customer Experience

    We start with getting to know the brand, goals, and target audience from end to end, so then we determined the types of customer experience, messaging, and conversion methods that best fit Al-Muhanna-photo’s business needs.

  • - Integrated Campaigns

    The profession sits in highlighting the beautiful artistic aspects of each dish and category. Mohammed Al-Muhanna, Professional Photographer says: “I specialized in food photography despite the troubles it causes, especially physical fatigue, but it goes away as soon as the project, which I was a pillar of, has succeeded, and I became known not at the local level but worldwide as a food photographer,” he says in one of his interviews. “I am delighted to have brothers who have been influenced by me and learned from the origins of this field in all regions of the Kingdom and have a career to pursue.”

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Seeking Branding engagement & awareness
By elevating the customer browsing experience, my website aimed to increase sales, improve customer engagement, and strengthen its position as a leading photography brand. Thanks, Followeyes Co!"
Mohammed Almuhanna

CEO and Founder

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