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June 3, 2019

Mbrico manufactures

Mbrico manufactures provides premium porcelain tile system with a better design, easier installation, lower maintenance, and more color options. Mbrico Tile Decks present a unique opportunity for you to coordinate interior and exterior spaces with high-quality Italian porcelain stoneware that can be placed anywhere. We provide several advantages not satisfied with any other product in the decking industry.

What happens when one of the fastest-growing tile manufacturers outgrows its website? What happens when they learn that their beautiful website is not working well and not help in sales opportunities and unnecessarily-high customer support expenses?

- Challenges & Goals

To achieve their vision, we at Followeyes helped Mbrico manufactures with strategies and campaigns.

  • - Digital Strategy

    We started off with an ambitious objective a best-in-class manufacturer strategy and campaigns for Mbrico.

  • - Customer Experience

    We designed a new way with modern ideas. The entire user experience had to be perfect.

  • - Integrated Campaigns

    We created a new campaign tactic, inspirational methods & produced content and marketing vision.

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Client's Testimony

Seeking Branding & Awareness
We needed to present ourselves as a more mature company with more in-depth information on the website that could help with sales. So we had a strong partnership with Followeyes Company.
Jason McManus

President of Business Development.