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August 19, 2020

IKEA Finland

Raising furniture brand awareness with social Media Campaigns. The global furniture brand raised ad recall by an impressive 21 points after developing mobile-first video for social media campaigns via Facebook dynamic ads and ads in the collection.

- Challenges & Goals

THEIR GOAL: Changing perceptions about sustainability IKEA Finland wanted to highlight the sustainability aspect of its product lines and bolster people’s perceptions of it as a sustainable brand. It also wanted to measure the long-term brand impact of its sustainability-focused campaign.

  • - Digital Strategy

    Working with creative partners Ryhmä and media partners ToinenPHD, IKEA Finland developed a campaign in the first quarter of 2020 to highlight its sustainability efforts and products. The campaign ran in multiple stages, each focusing on a different part of the home. It used a variety of different ad formats, including ads in collection format and dynamic ads, both of which included mobile-optimised video.

  • - Customer Experience

    Following Facebook’s best practices, IKEA created videos specifically designed for mobile, rather than adapting pre-existing content. The videos introduced the brand clearly and immediately, and were short and informative. They also highlighted the sustainability message along with product information.

  • - Integrated Campaigns

    IKEA is an iconic Swedish furniture retailer whose affordable products are “democratically designed”, sustainably produced, conveniently packaged and easily assembled. IKEA operates globally and has warehouses all over the world.

  • Marketing Campaigns

    The campaign was targeted to people aged 20-60 with a home-related interest, and used automatic placements on Facebook and Instagram to generate optimum results at the lowest average cost.

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Results Achieved

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Client's Testimony

Seeking Branding, Traffics & Awareness
We received valuable information on how our advertising on Social media is increasing our brand metrics and campaign KPIs, which are otherwise quite hard to measure. It was really nice to see that we were able to increase ad recall and gain insights about the efficacy of our creatives.
Salme Saari

Integrated Media Leader, Marketing, IKEA

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